Creativity is not real, it's not a thing, it's just a story we artist tell.The art of creativity is not about being creative at all - it's about letting go, letting go of our need for control and embracing the unknown. It's about being open to new ideas and perspectives, being open to failure and having the courage to follow our own unique vision, no matter where it may lead us. So, let go of your preconceptions, my friends, and allow yourself to be guided by the mysteries of the unknown - your creativity awaits!
Being creative is like opening a fridge when you're hungry. Often we have all the ingredients, all the techniques but the problem is not with all the stuff we have, it's with the noise around us. Over thinking and perfection are traps, but also away out, a way to avoid.

The Double-Edged Sword of Creativity

I had an idea to create a vase that felt traditional but with soft curves that reminded me of the body. I knew when I started that the form was perhaps out of my depth so I accepted my limitations and made a deal to allow myself 4 sessions on the wheel to have confirmation on the idea. I set boundaries on when I would work on the idea and when I would let it go, I would txt my self notes and read them during time I had set aside to work on this idea. I know ideas or solutions come to me at random times and I don't want to ever switch those off so now I capture them and then park it for later. It is important to set boundaries but also important to know when to jump the fence 

Forced Connections is a technique that can help shake up your brain, open up new pathways of creative thinking, and break open old thinking patterns. It's all about taking two seemingly unrelated things and finding a way to connect them, like mental gymnastics that push you to think outside the box. By breaking out of our usual patterns of thinking and exploring new connections, we can unlock our imaginations and come up with truly innovative solutions. Try the Forced Connections exercise with random words or objects to exercise your creativity and problem-solving muscles. Whether you're feeling stuck in a creative rut or just want to exercise your imagination, Forced Connections is a fun and effective way to boost your creativity and expand the way you think.
Memory is a powerful tool for creativity and personal growth, but it can also hold us back if we become too attached to the past. By focusing on positive memories and using them as inspiration, we can create new experiences and ideas. Even painful memories can be used for good if we view them from a different perspective. The key is too strike a balance between holding onto our memories and moving forward. We should use our memories to fuel creativity and growth, and not let them limit us.
Unlocking Creativity Through Destructive Failure: Why It's Time to Embrace Mistakes and Fail More. Destroy with Purpose
Have you ever felt like you're not a creative person because you can't come up with ideas on demand? Well, you're not alone. The truth is, creativity is not just about sitting down and trying to come up with a great idea. Sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them, during those moments when your mind is wandering and you're not really thinking about anything in particular. These moments are what I call 'creative explosions.' But don't worry; you can cultivate these moments of inspiration. In this article, we'll explore unexpected ways to unlock your creative mind and spark your imagination, from taking a shower in the dark to playing with toys like LEGOs. Remember, creativity can come from unexpected places, and by embracing those moments of mind-wandering, you can unlock a world of new ideas and possibilities.
Discover the inspiring story of two legendary interior designers who shaped the world of interior design in the 1930s and beyond. Dorothy Draper and Sister Parish may have had different approaches to design, but they both left a lasting legacy and set the benchmark standard for decorators and designers. Learn how Draper's "boldly colourful, elegant, cheerful, and full of life" approach and Parish's emphasis on comfort and individuality still resonate with contemporary designers. Find out why looking back at the stories and works of these two influential women can provide inspiration and strength for anyone who wants to move forward, learn, and understand how we got here.