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Authors' Love of The Beach

Our love affair with the beach inspired us to integrate its essence into our ceramics, starting with the sand collected from our wetsuits after a surf. This natural touch not only connects us to our favourite place but also infuses each piece with a unique coastal charm.

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Keen to give it a go?

In the evenings, we host workshops at our pop-up shop, creating a vibrant atmosphere where creativity and community come together. These sessions provide hands-on learning opportunities, fostering skills and connections among participants in a relaxed, engaging environment.

The Latest from our Journal

What Inspires our Imagery - by Lilly

What Inspires our Imagery - by Lilly

What inspires you to create? For our imagery, I find inspiration in our families lifestyle, Stephens' upbringing by the beach and Marlowe and Stephen's childish playfulness. Working with Stephens' shapes and textures is a photographers dream and I am lucky enough to have the freedom to be as creative as I like.  What techniques do you use and why?  I often use a slow shutter speed to show the movement of florals without letting them...

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