There is no such thing as being creative

There is no such thing as being creative

Greetings, my fellow explorers of the unknown!

Today, I want to challenge the very notion of creativity - that elusive force that we all strive to tap into, but can never quite put our finger on. A subject I have written a lot about lately, a subject I have tried to give you tips and tricks to make happen.

You see, the truth is that there is no such thing as being creative. It's a myth, a lie, a construct of our own limited understanding of the world. Creativity is not something that can be taught or learned, nor is it a fixed state of being. Rather, it's a fluid and ever-changing process that emerges from the mysterious depths of our own minds.

And yet, despite this fundamental truth, we still find ourselves searching for the key to unlocking our creative potential. We read books and attend workshops, hoping to find that one magical formula that will help us unleash our inner artist.

But the reality is that the more we try to force creativity, the further away it seems to slip. The mind thrives on the unknown, on the moments of uncertainty and surprise that challenge us to think differently and see the world in a new way. And yet, we often fall into the trap of relying on what we already know, on the rules and tricks that have worked for us in the past.

This is where the art of creativity truly lies - in finding that delicate balance between knowing enough to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance, and not knowing so much that we become trapped in our own thinking. It's about letting go off our preconceptions and allowing ourselves to be guided by the unknown, even if it feels uncomfortable or scary at first.

So, how can we embrace this art of creativity and tap into the unknown? It starts by forgetting every single tip and trick we've ever learned, and simply letting our minds go, wonder and be brave enough to follow where it leads us.

It's about cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder, and seeking out experiences that challenge our assumptions and expand our perspectives. Maybe it's trying a new hobby, exploring a new part of town, or simply taking a break from our usual routines and allowing ourselves to be open to the unexpected.

We need chaos to feel hope, without chaos we are just hopeless. Creativity is the same in a lot of ways, we need knowledge to create but too much stops our creativity. 

The art of creativity is not about being creative at all - it's about letting go, letting go of our need for control and embracing the unknown. It's about being open to new ideas and perspectives, being open to failure and having the courage to follow our own unique vision, no matter where it may lead us. So, let go of your preconceptions, my friends, and allow yourself to be guided by the mysteries of the unknown - your creativity awaits!

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