What Inspires our Imagery - by Lilly

What Inspires our Imagery - by Lilly

What inspires you to create?

For our imagery, I find inspiration in our families lifestyle, Stephens' upbringing by the beach and Marlowe and Stephen's childish playfulness. Working with Stephens' shapes and textures is a photographers dream and I am lucky enough to have the freedom to be as creative as I like. 

What techniques do you use and why? 

I often use a slow shutter speed to show the movement of florals without letting them dominate the image too much. I also love the idea of the fluidity that a slow shutter speed gives an image and feel it reflects our brand well. I love to use my underwater camera to capture images of Stephen while he surfs. Often struggling to get anything good, I find that a lot of the imperfect images are often the most beautiful and capture the motion and emotion of the waves.

What does Author mean to you? 

Stephen's pieces and our brand mean the world to me. I see Author as a reflection of our lifestyle and what we have achieved so far is incredible. I am so proud of Stephen having moved from a very well established career in food to taking a huge risk and following his dream of being able to work when and where he wants. His goal was to work in bare feet every day and revolve our lives around our family, not work. I feel he has achieved this for us both. He is the hardest worker I know. For Author he works hard but for our family he gives all of himself.

What does it represent in terms of your artistic work as a whole?

I see our evolving brand as much more than an ecommerce website. I see our community coming together, with Stephen teaching classes and watching people get joy out of the mindful art of creating. I also love the way that Stephen has prioritised his own values in this business. Instead of following along with how retail works, he is challenging every idea and pushing the boundaries and encouraging me to do the same. I also see a lot of this in his and my parenting style as we push our girls to follow their heart, be creative and have fun with everything they do.

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